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DS90UB924-Q1 FPD-Link III Deserializer Evaluation Module



  • Support of 720p video applications with a pixel clock frequency up to 96MHz
  • Bidirectional Control Channel Interface with I2C Compatible Seial Control Bus
  • Surround sound I2S Digital Audio Applications with up to four I2S data outputs
  • Low EMI FPD-Link video output interface
  • Compatible with DS90UB921-Q1, DS90UB925Q-Q1, DS90UB927Q-Q1, DS90UB929-Q1, DS90UB949-Q1, and DS90UB947-Q1

Texas Instruments  DS90UB924-Q1EVM

The DS90UB924-Q1 deserializer, in conjunction with a compatible serializer, provides a solution for distribution of digital video and audio within automotive infotainment systems. 5 MHz to 96 MHz Pixel Clock is supported.  Video data, I2S audio, GPIO, and I2C control are received over a single Shielded Twisted Pair cable (STP).