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DS90UB934-Q1 FPD-Link III Camera Deserializer Evaluation Module



  • Supports 1-Megapixel Sensors With HD 720p/800p/960p Resolution at 30-Hz or 60-Hz Frame Rate
  • Parallel LVCMOS Video Output 
  • Onboard USB2ANY Controller for I2C Access
  • Compatible with DS90UB913A and DS90UB933

Texas Instruments  DS90UB934-Q1EVM

The DS90UB934-Q1 is an FPD-Link III deserializer which converts a serialized camera data input to parallel LVCMOS output. When coupled with DS90UB913A/933 serializers, the DS90UB934-Q1 receives data from 1-Megapixel image sensors supporting 720p/800p/960p resolution at 30-Hz or 60-Hz frame rates. There is a 2:1 mux on the input that allows two cameras to be connected, with pin or register control of which camera is active. The EVM has two Rosenberger FAKRA connectors and configurable PoC voltage for connecting the camera modules (not included). There is an onboard MSP430 which functions as a USB2ANY bridge for connecting a PC. This works with the Analog LaunchPAD GUI tool.