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DS90UR910QEVM: 10-75 MHz 24-bit Color FPD-Link II to CSI-2 Converter Evaluation Module



  • Converts FPD-Link II serialized data stream to MIPI CSI-2
  • Includes I2C port for easy device configuration
  • Interoperates with compatible FPD-Link II serializers
  • Supports serial link diagnostics including Built-in-Self-Test and link Lock status
  • Provides accessibility for monitoring CSI-2 signals
  • Texas Instruments  DS90UR910QEVM

    The DS90UR910QEVM is an evaluation module (EVM) designed to demonstrate the performance and unique features of the DS90UR910-Q1 FPD-Link II to CSI-2 Converter. The DS90UR910QEVM board is designed to be driven by TI’s compatible FPD-Link II serializer devices. The board is populated with SMA connectors to the deserializer inputs. MIPI DPHY outputs of the DS90UR910-Q1 are accessible via SMA interface. Jumpers and switches on the boards can be configured for evaluation of chipset features such as equalization, BIST and backward compatibility. A CCI/I2C interface provides a method to configure and enable advanced features of the deserializer.