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16-Channel Active Cell Balance Evaluation Module



  • Highly accurate monitoring of 16 li-ion cells
  • Integrated protector
  • 3 - 5A active balance
  • Fully isolated transfer to external 12V supply/battery
  • 1-Mb/s stackable isolated differential-UART

Texas Instruments  EM1402EVM

16-Cell EV/HEV High Current Active Balance Solution, using the latest automotive battery management monitor and protector, the bq76PL455A-Q1. It provides high-performance battery management solution for large capacity battery packs, by combining the high integration and accuracy of the bq76PL455A-Q1 with a bi-directional DC-DC cell balancer. This allows any of 16 cell inputs to be charged or discharged as needed at up to 5A, and modules can be stacked up to 1300V.