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Three-Phase Energy Metering EVM - MSP430F47197



  • Better than 0.1% accuracy (PF-1, room temp, 2400:1)
  • Simultaneous V1,2,3 and I1,2,3 measurements
  • Differential analog inputs
  • 7th A/D converter for anti-tamper or temperature/humidity measurement
  • Up to 120kB flash and 8kB RAM
  • 160 segment LCD display with contrast control
  • Timer board with RTC feature

Texas Instruments  EVM430-F47197

This EVM430-F47197 is a three-phase electricity meter evaluation board based on the MSP430F47197, metrology system-on-chip (SOC). The MSP430F47197 offers 7 sigma-delta converters that allow measurement of 3 phases with anti-tamper. The 160-segment LCD displays energy, voltage, current and more for all 3 phases.