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Automotive 4-Channel Capacitive to Digital Converter Evaluation Module



  • Plug and Play
  • Ready to connect to customized sensors
  • Measurement data logger

Texas Instruments  FDC1004QEVM

The FDC1004QEVM evaluation kit is a plug and play system to test and evaluate the FDC1004-Q1, AEC-Q100 qualified, 4-channel capacitive to digital converter. The EVM is a breakable PCB which consists of 3 sections. The first section is a USB to I2C converter based on MSP430F5528 microcontroller, the second section contains the FDC1004 and the third section is based on a touch less sensor (to demonstrate the sensitivity of the FDC1004Q). The third section can be removed and replace with customized sensors according to the requirements of the applications. The FDC1004QEVM does not need additional hardware, calibration nor does it require any software programming - only the FDC1004EVM GUI has to be installed. The software is able to configure the FDC1004-Q1’s registers, display on four graphs (one for each measurement) the capacitive values and export data in CSV format.