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Gas Sensor Platform with Bluetooth Low Energy Evaluation Module



  • 3 lead electrochemical gas sensing: CO, Ammonia, Fluorine etc.
  • 2 lead galvanic cell gas sensing: O2
  • Bluetooth Low Energy radio and a 8051 micro controller core within CC2541 provides interactivity with a smartphone/tablet
  • Adjustable cell bias and TIA of LMP91000 along with low power and accuracy provide flexibility, performance and low power solution
  • Coin cell operation
  • Firmware and application software provided as open source to enable quick time to market for customers

Compliance Certifications

The platform complies with the below standards:

  • EN 300 328
  • FCC 15.247
  • ICC RSS-2110
  • EN 301 489-17

FCC and IC Regulatory Compliance:

  • FCC - Federal Communications Commission Part 15, Class A
  • IC - Industry Canada ICES-003 Class A


  • Electrochemical cell and CR2032 battery are not included
  • Recommended O2 sensor: Alphasense A2 series
  • Recommended CO sensor: Alphasense CO-AF series

Texas Instruments  GASSENSOREVM

The Gas Sensor Platform with Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) is intended as a reference design that customers can use to develop end-products for consumer and industrial applications to monitor gases like carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2), ammonia, fluorine, chlorine dioxide and others. BLE adds a wireless feature to the platform that enables seamless connectivity to an iPhone® or an iPad®. Customers can easily replace the targeted gas sensor based on their application, while keeping the same analog frontend (AFE) and BLE design. The system runs on a CR2032 coin-cell battery. AFE from TI — LMP91000 — interfaces directly with the electrochemical cell. The LMP91000 interfaces with CC2541, which is a BLE system on a chip from TI. An iOS application running on an iPhone 4S® and newer generations or an iPad 3® and newer generations lets customers interface with this reference platform. Customers can use and customize the iOS application, the hardware files and firmware source code of CC2541, which TI provides as an open source. The Gas Sensor Platform with BLE provides customers with a low-power, configurable AFE and the option to integrate wireless features in gas-sensing applications. This platform helps customers access the market faster and helps differentiate from performance, power, and feature sets.

Target Applications

  • Mining
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Industrial processes and controls
  • Building Technology and Comfort
  • Household CO sensing