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HD3SS215EVM: HDMI 2.0/DisplayPort 1.2A, 6.0 Gbps 2:1/1:2 Differential Switch Evaluation Module


  • Capable of min, nom and max voltage operation
  • Demonstrates AUX switching capabilities
  • Demonstrates output enable/disable features

Texas Instruments  HD3SS215EVM

The HD3SS215EVM features the HD3SS215 which is a high-speed passive switch capable of switching two full 4-lane ports from one of two sources to one target location in an application or from one source to one of two targets. The signal pass through the switch can be DisplayPort or HDMI/DVI signal. For DisplayPort applications, the HD3SS215 also supports switching of the auxiliary (AUX), display data channel (DDC), and hot plug detect (HPD) signals.

This EVM was designed to be used as a medium connection between one HDMI source and one of two HDMI sinks. The interface to the EVM consists of a standard HDMI connector to connect the EVM to your system setup with standard HDMI cables.