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HD3SS6126EVM - USB 3.0 Differential Switch 2:1/1:2 MUX/DEMUX Evaluation Module



  • Powered by VBUS from USB Host
  • Select USB2.0 independently from USB3.0
  • Select from two USB2.0/3.0 hosts with one USB device for this EVM
  • Compatible with the TI Modular EVM System

Texas Instruments  HD3SS6126EVM

This Evaluation Module (EVM) features the HD3SS6126, 2:1/1:2 MUX/DEMUX high speed switch typically used for switching USB2.0/USB3.0 signals.  It is also suitable for PCIe(Gen1,Gen2), SATA, XAUI and DP signal routing between two destinations.

The HD3SS6126EVM allows evaluation of an application example of USB KVM switch. One of two USB hosts system can be selected for an USB device using this EVM board to facilite switching between two USB hosts. USB3.0 Micro-B receptacles are employed on the host side USB Port but standard type-B receptacle can also be used if desired. On the other hand, USB3.0 standard type-A receptacle is used as device side USB Port. The USB ports can be attached via a standard USB cable to any USB 3.0 or legacy USB host, hub or device. However, a legacy USB cable will force the system to the High-speed operation.