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HDC1010 Low Power Humidity and Temperature Sensor Evaluation Module



  • Streaming relative humidity and temperature measurements
  • Data logging
  • Full register access
  • USB plug & play
  • Detachable sensor section for prototyping remote operation

Texas Instruments  HDC1010EVM

The HDC1010EVM evaluation kit is a plug and play system to test and evaluate the HDC1010 humidity and temperature sensor. The EVM utilizes a USB interface for control and data streaming, and can be to plugged into a PC USB port. With the simple GUI, humidity and temperature measurements can be streaming within a matter of seconds after the EVM is attached to a PC and the GUI is started. The EVM hosts a MSP430F5528 microcontroller which acts as a bridge between the PC USB interface and the I2C interface to the HDC1010. The sensor section of the PCB may be separated from the main PCB to support prototyping in a system where the sensor is remotely located from the host controller. The HDC1010EVM does not require calibration, nor does it require any software programming - only the Sensing Solution EVM GUI must be installed. The GUI displays realtime streaming of both humidity and temperature measurements, and allows access to the HDC1010's configuration registers. Temperature and relative humidity data can be logged and exported in CSV format.