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HTFLASHEVM Evaluation Module


  • 32-Megabit Flash for High-Temperature
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Compatible (Mode 0 and 3)
  • 3.3-V Supply for IO, 1.8 V for Core
  • 2-M x 16-Bit Word Access
  • Asynchronous Read, Write, and Erase Operations
  • 12-MHz Maximum Clock Frequency
  • Endurance: TBD Program and Erase Cycles
  • Data Retention: 1000 hrs
  • ESD Protection: 2-kV HBM, 500-V CDM
  • 8-mm x 20-mm 14-Pin Ceramic Package

Texas Instruments  HTFLASHEVM

The HTFLASHEVM is designed for verification of the SM28VLT32 in extreme environments. The EVM, as shipped, is ready for test up to 200°C with the following exceptions. The decoupling capacitors need to be swapped from standard temperature range to 200°C rated through-hole components. This was done to save board cost on systems only needing room temperature protocol development. Alternate BOM data is provided for acquiring appropriate 200°C capacitors for in oven testing. Additionally, the plastic separators for the installed pins should be removed before exposing entire board to oven temperatures.

The EVM provides 100-mil berg type pins for access to SPI control pins (CS#,SO,SI,SCK), FLCLK, WP#, HOLD#, and power. Additionally, a footprint for an oscillator is present on the layout to allow the population of a standalone 12-MHz or slower oscillator.

Note: This EVM is RoHS exempt under RoHS exemption 7(a)