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Compact, Low Power, Wireless Voltage/Current Monitor Reference Design for SimpleLink Wi-Fi



  • Remote data acquisition
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Big data collection for use-case analysis
  • Power profile generation and comparison
  • Usage of standard presentation and charting tools (e.g Plot.ly, excel)

Texas Instruments  IMETER-BOOST

The IMETER-BOOST is a BoosterPack that can be added to LaunchPads to allow customers to evaluate their actual power consumption figures, which can help users debug and analyze their software. Utilizing the CC3200 HTTP Server abilities, the IMETER-BOOST when connected to a CC3200-LAUNCHXL Launchpad allows the user to graphically view current and voltage measurements, adjust sampling rate, send this data to the cloud, and also export it in csv format. This tool also supports the ability to be triggered and measure from up to 4 GPIOs.