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INA1620 Audio Operational Amplifier Evaluation Module



  • Eases design by providing a quick and simple way to evaluate the INA1620
  • Audio jack provided on the EVM allows for quick listening tests of the INA1620
  • Differential input connectors provide an easy way to evaluate the INA1620 using an audio analyzer or an audio DAC to be used in the end product
  • Provides access to the INA1620's Enable pin for evaluation of pop and click performance during enable and disable
  • Provides access to the INA1620's internal matched thin-film resistors.

Texas Instruments  INA1620EVM

The INA1620EVM is a hardware platform for evaluating the INA1620 audio operational amplifier. Each channel of the INA1620 is configured as a difference amplifier, allowing easy connection to an audio analyzer or audio DAC, and outputs a single-ended signal. The INA1620EVM includes a headphone output to allow users to hear the audio quality of the INA1620 using the headphones of their choice. The INA1620EVM also provides the ability to utilize the INA1620's internal thin-film resistors for other applications.