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INA1650 Evaluation Module



  • Eases design by providing a quick and simple way to evaluate the INA1650
  • Operates on single supply or dual supply
  • Easily change from differential to single ended input with one jumper
  • Provides the option to increase common mode input impedance

Texas Instruments  INA1650EVM

The INA1650EVM is a hardware platform for evaluating the performance of the INA1650 differential line receiver. The INA1650, a new addition to the SoundPlus™ integrated circuit products, features superior common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) over a wide temperature range and ultra-low distortion and noise, delivering balanced audio with great noise immunity in all environments. The EVM has two AC coupled differential inputs for a left channel and right channel input. Both single supply and dual supply operation is supported on the EVM and requires the movement of one jumper to switch between the two. Simplicity of the INA1650EVM allows for a quick and easy way to evaluate the performance of the INA1650.