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INA190 current sensing evaluation module with low current layout



  • Easy to test INA190 with differential voltage or shunt resistor.
  • Layout for a buffer refence circuit is included for customer to create reference buffer with prefered SOT-23-5 op amp.
  • Breakable panels lets customer experiment and test with all gain variants.
  • A special Low-Current board utilizing a guarding layout is included for customer's testing small-current measurement.

Texas Instruments  INA190EVM

This is a small module with 6 completely independent boards that can be broken off by the user. Five identical boards (20A rating) can be used for the five device gain variants. A sixth board (10A rating) with a special guarding layout can be used for especially low-current measurement systems. Each board provides test points for VS, GND, OUT, REF and two headers that can jump the ENABLE pin to GND or VS and jump VREF pin to GND or a voltage supply set by an on-board buffer circuit. The ENABLE and REF pins can also be driven by external sources.