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INA220 Evaluation Module



  • INA220 Hardware Designer's Kit
  • Evaluate INA220 + User's Current Shunt Design
  • Full Temperature Evaluation
  • Software Control for Designer's Kit
  • Communicate with INA220 for Evaluation
  • Calibrate INA220

Texas Instruments  INA220EVM

The INA220EVM key hardware consists of two boards, INA220 Test Board and USB DIG Platform. The INA220 Test Board contains the INA220, terminal strips for external connections, and several jumpers for device configuration. The USB DIG Platform contains an 8052 microcontroller with a built in USB interface. The microcontroller generates the I2C signals necessary to communicate with the INA220. The USB DIG Platform also contains, a 3V/5V programmable linear regulator, a switch for power control, general purpose digital I/O and an SPI interface. The INA220EVM contains an AC wall adapter (220/120Vac to 6Vdc) to provide 6Vdc to the USB DIG Platform. The INA220 is designed to allow the user to interface it to their system. Simple windows based graphical software allows the user to communicate with and configure the INA220.