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INA250 Current Shunt Monitor Evaluation Module



    • INA250EVM consists of one PCB with an option to cut out four individual PCBs one for each of the four devices (INA250A1, INA250A2, INA250A3 and INA250A4).
    • Ease of access to all device pins.
    • Optional input filter.
    • Banana jack terminals on IN+ and IN- pins for ease of connection.


      Texas Instruments  INA250EVM

      INA250 is a family of current shunt monitor with integrated shunt. The INA250EVM (INA250AxEVM) is intended to provide basic functional evaluation of INA250A1, INA250A2, INA250A3 and INA250A4 devices in the family. The fixture layout is not intended to be a model for the target circuit, nor is it laid out for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing.