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INA282-286 Evaluation Module



  • Easy handling of the small MSOP package
  • Easy access to all device pins
  • Space for optional input filtering capacitors and resistors as well as a prototype area for additional user defined circuitry
  • Space for shunt resistors of various footprints
  • Evaluation of all gain options through provided device boards as well as a location to solder a test device directly onto the board

Texas Instruments  INA282-286EVM

The INA282-286EVM is intended to provide basic functional evaluation of this device family. The fixture layout is not intended to be a model for the target circuit, nor is it laid out for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing. The INA282-286EVM allows the user to install a shunt resistor, and then connect both the common-mode voltage and load to develop the input voltage, or omit the shunt resistor and apply a differential voltage directly to the device input. This flexibility allows a user to test the device operation in a simulated manner as well as an actual application.