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INA302 High-Speed Precision Current-Sense Amplifier Evaluation Module



  • Small form factor
  • Features all 3 gain variants of the INA302 (20V/V, 50V/V and 100V/V)
  • LED indicators to conveniently monitor comparator output signals

Texas Instruments  INA302EVM

The INA302EVM evaluation module (EVM) is a compact, easy-to-use platform for evaluating the main features and performance of the INA302 High-Speed Precision Current-Sense Amplifier with Dual Integrated Comparators, across its specified input voltage, common-mode voltage and temperature ranges. The EVM features all 3 gain variants that can be evaluated independently and provides test points to easily probe all the critical signals. The EVM also contains LED indicators for conveniently monitoring the comparator output signals.