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INA4180 & INA4181 Current Sense Amplifier Evaluation Module



  • Evaluation of the INA4180x and INA4181x in all gain options
  • Test points to allow ease of acess to device pins
  • Capability to evaluate both high and low-side configurations

Texas Instruments  INA4180-4181EVM

The INA4180 is an integrated current sense monitor solution that provides ease of use and high performance for cost-sensitive applications. The INA4181 shares the same capabilities with the support for bidirectional current measurements. The INA4180-4181EVM is intended to provide basic functional evaluation of the device family. The fixture layout is not intended as a model for the target circuit, nor it is laid out for electromagnetic (EMI) testing. The INA4180-4181EVM consists of a single PCB, breakable into 8 individual pieces to allow evaluation of  the different device variants.