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ISO1176EVM Evaluation Module



  • 4000-VPEAK Isolation
  • Bus-Pin ESD Protection
    • 16 kV HBM Between Bus Pins and GND2
    • 6 kV HBM Between Bus Pins and GND1
  • Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of EN 50170 and TIA/EIA-485
  • Signaling Rates up to 40 Mbps
  • Differential Output Exceeds 2.1 V (54 ohm Load)
  • Differential Output Exceeds 2.1 V (54 ohm Load)
  • Low Bus Capacitance - 10 pF (MAX)
  • 50 kV/microsec Typical Transient Immunity
  • Failsafe Receiver for Bus Open, Short, Idle
  • 3.3-V Inputs are 5-V Tolerant

Texas Instruments  ISO1176EVM

The EVM can be used to evaluate device parameters while acting as a guide for board layout. The board allows the connection of a 50 ohm coaxial cable (via an SMA connector) to connect to instrumentation, or to 54-ohm controlled impedance cable of varying lengths (via a female header or Quietzone® connector). This provides the designer with a tool for evaluation and successful design of an end product. This EVM allows evaluation of the ISO1176 ProfiBus Transceiver. The EVM comes with a single transceiver installed on the circuit board (U1), but because it has been designed into the industry standard 176 footprint for 16-pin devices, other 176- footprint devices may be evaluated as well. Take care with regard to the isolated power and ground, as this is an isolating device. Power and ground for the Data/Control side of the device (pins D, R, DE, RE) can be completely isolated from power and ground for the Bus side of the device (pins A, B, ISODE). Note that this EVM is not intended for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests.