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ISO5851 Evaluation Module (EVM)



  • Reinforced isolated IGBT gate driver with 2.5-A source and 5-A sink currents. The short propagation time assures accurate control of the output stage.
  • The primary side operates from a single 3-V to 5.5-V supply. The output side allows for a supply range from minimum 15-V to maximum 30-V.
  • 2-A Miller clamp, Output Short-Circuit Clamp, Fault Alarm upon Desaturation, Input and Output Under Voltage Lock-Out with Ready Pin Indication.
  • Active Output Pull-down and Default Low Outputs condition. Upon a DESAT detect the gate driver with Low Supply or Floating Inputs. CMOS compatible Inputs.
  • This evaluation module is tested for the device functionality and its user guide is available to allow designer to evaluate their design.

Texas Instruments  ISO5851EVM

This evaluation module, featuring ISO5851 reinforced isolated gate driver device, allows designers to evaluate device AC and DC performance with a pre-populated 1-nF load or with a user-installed IGBT in either of the standard TO-247 or TO-220 packages.