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ISO71XXDBQ - 4242 VPK Small-Footprint and Low-Power Digital Isolator Evaluation Module


  • User configurable for use with triple- and quad-channel ISO71xx isolators
  • Enables opposing channel testing with the ISO7131, ISO7141, and ISO7142
  • Same direction evaluation can be performed using the ISO7140
  • User configurable load options for the input and output channels

Texas Instruments  ISO71XXDBQ-EVM

The ISO71XXDBQ-EVM comes with the ISO7131CCDBQ device soldered down. The user can remove this device and solder down any one of the 4-channel ISO714XCCDBQ devices. This EVM allows the user to evaluate the isolator performance and parameters. For safety reasons tThe EVM is not designed to work at voltages above 5.5-V. The EVM should not be used for high-voltage isolation testing. Please observe the cautions described in the EVM user's guide.