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ISO722X EVM Bench



  • 1,5,25 and 150-Mbps Signaling Rate Options
  • -Low Channel-to-Channel Output Skew; 1 ns max

    -Low Pulse Width Distortion (PWD); 1 ns max

    -Low Jitter Content: 1 ns Typ at 150Mbps

  • Typical 25 Year life at Rated Voltage
  • 4000Vpeak Isolation, 560Vpeak Viorm
  • - UL 1577, IEC 60747-5-2 VDE 0884, Rev 2), IEC 61010-1, IEC 60950-1 and CSA Approved- 50KV/us Typical Transient Immunity

  • Operates with 3.3V of 5V supplies
  • 4KV ESD Protestion
  • High Elecrtromagnetic Immunity
  • -40 C to 125 C Operating Range

Texas Instruments  ISO722XEVM

This evaluation module (EVM) is used for testing the parametrics of the factory installed ISO7421 dual channel isolator. The EVM may be reconfigured by the user for use with any of the ISO7220X, ISO7221X or ISO742X dual channel isolators.