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IWR6843 intelligent mmWave sensor standard antenna plug-in module

Features for the IWR6843ISK

  • 60- to 64-GHz mmWave sensor
  • 4 receive (RX) 3 transmit (TX) antenna with 108° azimuth field of view (FoV) and 44° elevation FoV
  • Direct interface with MMWAVEICBOOST
  • Supports 60-pin high-speed interface for host-controlling interface
  • Onboard capability for power-consumption monitoring

Description for the IWR6843ISK

Get started

Step 1: Buy this EVM (IWR6843ISK)
Step 2: Open and connect to mmWave Visualizer and get started with Out-of-Box (OOB) demonstrations to evaluate general mmWave device and capabilities
Step 3: Explore additional mmWave experiments and end application demonstrations with the mmWave Industrial Toolbox
Step 4: Download the mmWave SDK

IWR6843ISK is an easy-to-use mmWave sensor evaluation kit with a long-range antenna enabling direct connectivity to the mmWave sensor card carrier (MMWAVEICBOOST). The board enables access to point-cloud data through a USB interface, and raw analog-to-digital converter (ADC) data through a 60-pin high-speed connector.

This kit is supported by standard mmWave tools and software, including mmWave Studio (MMWAVE-STUDIO) and the mmWave software development kit (MMWAVE-SDK). IWR6843ISK paired with MMWAVEICBOOST (sold separately or in the starter bundle IWR6843-STARTER-BDL) can interface with the MCU LaunchPad™ development kit ecosystem.

A 5-V 2.5-A supply brick with a 2.1-mm barrel plug (center positive) is not included. TI recommends purchasing an external power supply that complies with applicable regional safety standards.