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LDC1314 inductance-to-digital converter evaluation module: 16 button keypad

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Limit:  5

Features for the LDC1314KEYPAD-EVM

  • Contactless buttons, with superior reliability over electrical/mechanical contact solutions
  • Can be easily used to implement ruggedized, environmentally sealed keypad and keyboard solutions for harsh environments
  • Supports simultaneous button presses
  • Temperature stable
  • Easily scalable to larger key arrays

Description for the LDC1314KEYPAD-EVM

The LDC1314KEYPAD evaluation module implements a 16 snap dome button keypad using only one LDC1314 to multiplex all 16 buttons.

This design uses the LDC1314 but can also be replicated with the LDC1312, LDC1612 and LDC1614.

Evaluation steps

Step 1: Purchase the LDC1314KEYPAD-EVM
Step 2: Download the LDC1314KEYPAD-EVM user's guide