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DS90C387(A) and DS90CF388(A) Dual Pixel LDI SerDes LVDS Evaluation Kit



Texas Instruments  LDI3V8BT-112

The LDI3V8BT-112 is an evaluation kit designed to demonstrate performance and capabilities of the DS90C387 and DS90CF388 and DS90C387A and DS90CF388A Open LDI Serializer/Deserializer Chipsets.

The DS90C387 Serializer board accepts LVCMOS input signals and provides serialized FPD-Link LVDS data pairs as an output. The DS90CF388 Deserializer board accepts the FPD-Link LVDS serialized data streams and converts the data back into parallel LVCMOS signals and clock. Flat Ribbon cable is provided as a generic medium for the high speed data link. Jumpers and switches on the boards can be configured for evaluation of chipset features.