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LDO Parallel Solution Evaluation Board with TPS7B4253-Q1



  • Expanded Output Current, Up to 900 mA
  • Good Thermal Performance Under Large Load Conditions
  • 4- to 40-V input voltage range

Texas Instruments  LDO-PARAL-DESG-EVM

This LDO Parallel Solution evaluation modules (EVM) help designers evaluate the operation and performance of TPS7B4253-Q1 and TPS7B6750-Q1 parallel application. This EVM uses a very low-tolerance, voltagetracking LDO TPS7B4253-Q1 to demonstrate the
implementation of LDO parallel solution for high output current and low quiescent current (IQ) requirements. In this design, TPS7B6750-Q1 regulates 5-V output voltage and two TPS7B4253-Q1 devices expand the output current and realize the current sharing of each channel.