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3A, PowerWise®: Adjustable Frequency Synchronous Buck Regulator Evaluation Module



  • Input voltage range 2.95V to 5.5V
  • Accurate current limit minimizes inductor size
  • 97% peak efficiency
  • Adjustable output voltage down to 0.8V
  • Adjustable switching frequency (500 kHz to 1.5 MHz)
  • 32 mΩ integrated FET switches
  • Starts into prebiased loads
  • Output voltage tracking
  • Peak current mode control
  • Adjustable Soft-Start with external capacitor
  • Precision enable pin with hysteresis
  • Integrated OVP, UVLO, power good and thermal shutdown
  • eTSSOP-16 exposed pad package


  • Simple to design, high efficiency point of load regulation from a 5V or 3.3V bus
  • High Performance DSPs, FPGAs, ASICs and microprocessors
  • Broadband, Networking and Optical Communications Infrastructure

Texas Instruments  LM20143EVAL

The LM20143 is a full featured buck switching regulator capable of driving up to 3A of load current. The switching frequency of the LM20143 can be varied from 500kHz to 1.5Mhz with an external resistor allowing the size of the power stage components to be reduced while still providing efficient operation. The LM20143 is capable of converting an input voltage between 2.95V and 5.5V down to an output voltage as low as 0.8V. Fault protection features include cycle-by-cycle current limit, output power good, and output over-voltage protection. The dual function soft-start/tracking pin can be used to control the startup response of the LM20143, and the precision enable pin can be used to easily sequence the LM20143 in applications with sequencing requirements. The LM20143 is available in an eTSSOP-16 package with an exposed pad for enhanced thermal performance.