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Dual 2A, 500kHz Wide Input Range Buck Regulator

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Features for the LM26400YEVAL

  • Input voltage range of 3-20V
  • Dual 2A output
  • Output voltage down to 0.6V
  • Internal compensation
  • 500kHz PWM frequency
  • Separate enable pins
  • Separate soft start pins
  • Frequency foldback protection
  • 175mΩ NMOS switch
  • Integrated bootstrap diodes
  • Over-current protection
  • ETSSOP and LLP packages
  • Thermal shutdown

Description for the LM26400YEVAL

The LM26400Y demonstration board was designed to provide two 2A outputs at 1.2V and 2.5V respectively. It uses the ETSSOP package option of the LM26400Y for easier probing. The design emphasizes on the compactness of the LM26400Y PCB layout and is thermally optimized. The total solution size is about 20mm by 30mm. The board supports the conversion from an input voltage ranging from 5V to 20V down to output voltages of 1.2V and 2.5V. With the availability of a separate 5V rail and a couple of small bootstrap diodes, the board also supports an input voltage down to 3.3V with 2A output currents. The EN pins are pulled up to VIN by default for easy evaluation but can also be easily controlled by external logic.