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Thin SOT23 1A Load Step-Down DC-DC Regulator Evaluation Module

US ECCN: EAR99 US/Local Export Classification Number

Inventory: In stock
Limit:  5

Features for the LM2734ZEVAL

  • Thin SOT23-6 package, or 6 lead LLP package
  • 3.0V to 20V input voltage range
  • 0.8V to 18V output voltage range
  • 1A output current
  • 3MHz switching frequency
  • 300mΩ NMOS switch
  • 30nA shutdonw current
  • 0.8V, 2% internal voltage reference
  • Internal soft-start
  • Current-Mode, PWM operation
  • Therman shutdown

Description for the LM2734ZEVAL

The LM2734 demo board is configured to convert 5V input to 1.8V output at 1A load current using the LM2734X 1.6MHz or the LM2734Y 550kHz step down DC-DC regulator. The tiny low profile thin SOT23 package allows the demo board to be manufactured using less than 1 square inch of a 4-layer printed circuit board.