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LM27403 High Efficiency 12V to 1.2V/25A Buck Eval Kit With Temp Compensated DCR Current Sensing

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Limit:  5

Features for the LM27403EVM

  • 25A output current
  • 3V to 20V input voltage range
  • Switching frequency 250kHz
  • High efficiency, 91%, 1.2V 25A
  • DCR current sensing with temperature compensation

Description for the LM27403EVM

The LM27403 EVM is a 300-kHz, high efficiency, synchronous buck converter with voltage-mode control and inductor DCR current sensing for overcurrent protection. An inexpensive 2N3904 BJT is used to sense temperature at the inductor. This enables correction for the inductor DCR’s variation over temperature as well as provide a thermal shutdown function based on a desired temperature setpoint.