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Evaluation Module - LM27403 600kHz High Power Density POL



  • Small footprint, 20 mm x 15 mm single-sided
  • 3V to 20V input voltage range, 30A output current
  • 600-kHz switching frequency, synchronizable to an external clock signal up to 1.2 MHz
  • High conversion efficiency: 91% at 1.8 V, 30 A
  • Inductor DCR current sensing with remote BJT thermal compensation

Texas Instruments  LM27403EVM-POL600

LM27403EVM-POL600 is a 600-kHz synchronous buck dc-dc regulator showcasing high power density and high efficiency. A 20 mm x 15 mm module on a single-side PCB uses a power block MOSFET from TI. Accurate overcurrent protection is available by leveraging the inductor’s sub-mΩ DCR and MOSFET package resistance. A 2N3904 BJT senses temperature to compensate for the copper temperature coefficient and to provide a thermal shutdown function based on a desired temperature setpoint. Precision enable, power supply tracking, open-drain power good indicator, remote sense, and synchronization features are also provided. The module is solder mounted directly on the motherboard for maximum thermal performance.