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High Efficiency Switched Capacitor Boost Regulator w/ High Impedance Output in Shutdown EVM



  • Dual gain converter (2x, 3/2x) with up to 93% Efficiency.
  • Inductorless solution uses only 4 small ceramic capacitors.
  • Total solution area <12mm2.
  • True input-output and output-input disconnect.
  • Up to 180mA output current capability (5V).
  • Selectable 4.1V, 4.5V or 50V output.
  • Pre-regulation minimizes input current ripple.
  • 1.24 MHz switching frequency for a low-noise, low-ripple output voltage.
  • Integrated Over Current and Thermal Shutdown Protection.
  • Tiny 1.2mm X 1.6mm x 0.4mm pitch, 12-bump micro SMD package.


  • USB/USB-OTG Power
  • Supercapacitor Charger
  • Keypad LED Drive
  • Audio amplifier power supply
  • Low-current Camera Flash
  • General Purpose Li-Ion-to-5V Conversion
  • Cellular Phone SIM Cards


Texas Instruments  LM2757TMEV

The LM2757 is a constant frequency pre-regulated switched-capacitor charge pump that operates at 1.25MHz to produce a low-noise regulated output voltage. The device can be configured to provide up to 100mA at 4.1V, 110mA at 4.5V, or 180mA at 5V. Excellent efficiency is achieved without the use of an inductor by operating the charge pump in a gain of either 3/2 or 2 according to the input voltage and output voltage option selection.

The LM2757 Evaluation board is for the testing and evaluation of the LM2757 IC. A voltage supply is the only input needed to operate the device. To measure electrical quantities however, test or measuring equipment (multimeters, oscilloscopes, etc.) are needed.