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The LM2758 Evaluation board is for the LM2758, 700mA flash LED driver.

US ECCN: EAR99 US/Local Export Classification Number

Inventory: In stock
Limit:  1

Features for the LM2758TLEV

  • Up to 700mA Output Current
  • Ultra-Small Solution Size
     -No Inductor, Only 4 Capacitors Required
     -1.514 mm x 1.996 mm x 0.6 mm thin micro SMD package
  • 90% Peak Efficiency
  • Indicator, Torch, and Flash Modes
  • Time-Out Circuitry Limits Flash duration to 814 msec. (typ.)
  • Adaptive 1x and 1.5x Gains for Maximum Efficiency
  • True Shutdown
  • Internal Soft-Start eliminates Inrush Current
  • The LM2758 is offered in National?s tiny 12-bump thin micro SMD package


  • Camera Flash in Mobile Phones
  • Flash for Digital Cameras
  • Keypad LED Drive
  • Audio amplifier power supply
  • Low-current Camera Flash
  • General Purpose Li-Ion-to-5V Conversion
  • Cellular Phone SIM Cards


Description for the LM2758TLEV

The LM2758 is an integrated low-noise, high-current switched capacitor DC/DC converter with a regulated current source. The device is capable of driving loads up to 700mA from a single-cell Li-Ion battery. Maximum efficiency is achieved over the input voltage range by actively selecting the proper gain based on the LED forward voltage and current requirements