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Dual-Display White LED Driver with 3 2x Switched Capacitor Boost



  • Drives 4 Individual Common-Anode LEDs with up to 20mA each for a Main Display Backlight
  • Drives 3 Individual Common-Cathode LEDs with up to 20mA each for a Sub-
  • Display Backlight
  • Independent Resistor-Programmable Current Setting
  • Excellent Current and Brightness Matching
  • High-Efficiency 3/2x Charge Pump
  • Extended Li-Ion Input: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • PWM Brightness Control: 100Hz - 1kHz
  • 18-bump Thin Micro SMD Package: (2.1mm x 2.4mm x 0.6mm)


  • Mobile Phone Display Lighting
  • Mobile Phone Keypad Lighting
  • PDAs
  • General LED Lighting

Texas Instruments  LM27961TLEV

The LM27961 is a charge-pump-based white-LED driver that is ideal for mobile phone display backlighting. It is intended to drive 4 LEDs for a main phone display backlight and 3 LEDs for a sub-display backlight. Regulated internal current sources deliver excellent current and brightness matching in all LEDs. The LM27961 works off an extended Li-Ion input voltage range (2.7V to 5.5V). Voltage boost is achieved with a high-efficiency 3/2x-gain charge pump. The LM27961 is available in TI's chip-scale 18-bump micro SMD package.