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LM2833Z LLP - 3MHz 3.0A Step-Down DC-DC Switching Regulator Evaluation Module



Texas Instruments  LM2833ZSDEVAL

The LM2833Z LLP Demo Board is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the LM2833Z 3MHz switching regulator in the LLP-10 package.

The demo board is configured to provide an output of 1.2V at up to 3A from an input voltage range of 3V to 5.5V. The board is thermally optimized with the small solution size of 1.2 X 1.1. The output voltage can be configured to a different value by changing the ratio between R1 and R2 according to the following equation:

R1 = R2 x (VOUT / VFB - 1)

The feedback voltage VFB is regulated at 0.60V typically. The board has C5 reserved for two purposes given different application scenarios. First, at high VOUT applications, the control loop bandwidth is not as large as the low VOUT. Adding C5 at high VOUT can significantly improve the load step response by boosting the loop bandwidth without significantly compromising phase margin. Secondly, it also helps to minimize output voltage overshoot during sluggish startup, short circuit release, and recovery from thermal shutdown, since it creates a feed-forward path between VOUT and VFB, thus speeding up Gm-amplifier recovery.

Another component which is not populated on the board is C4, which is reserved for applications where a large output capacitor is desired.