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LM2854-1000 - 1 MHz Buck Regulator



Texas Instruments  LM2854-1000EVAL

The LM2854 PowerWise® SIMPLE SWITCHER® buck regulator evaluation board is a 1 MHz step-down voltage regulator capable of driving 0A up to 4A load current with excellent power conversion efficiency. The LM2854 evaluation board is designed to accept in input voltage rail between 2.95V and 5.5V and deliver a fixed and highly accurate output voltage of 1.2V. The output voltage level can be changed by modification of the one feedback resistor value. Externally established soft-start with a small value capacitance facilitates a controlled, well-defined and monotonic start-up output voltage characteristic. In addition, the LM2854 is capable of starting monotonically and glitch free into a pre-biased load.