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Evaluation Board for LM3150-750 kHz - SIMPLE SWITCHER® CONTROLLER, 42V Synchronous Step-Down



  • Switching Frequency: 750 kHz
  • Input Voltage Range: 8V to 17V
  • Output Voltage: 3.3V
  • Output Current: 0A to 10A


Texas Instruments  LM3150-750EVAL

The LM3150 evaluation boards are designed to provide the design engineer with a fully functional power converter based on Constant On-Time with Emulated Ripple mode control to evaluate the LM3150 and the entire LM315x family of parts. The evaluation board is preconfigured to use the LM3150 with the output voltage adjusted to 3.3V, with a typical max load current of 10A. This board is configured for 750 kHz. The printed circuit board consists of 4 layers of FR4 material and the top and bottom layers using 2 once copper and the inner layers using 1 once copper. The board size is 2.9” X 2.9”.

The evaluation board allows for a variety of configurations, and this multifunctional capability is used to also accept the fixed ouput versions of the LM3150 such as the LM3151-3.3, LM3152-3.3, and LM3153-3.3.