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3-pin adjustable regulator evaluation module

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Limit:  5

Features for the LM317A-337N-EVM

  • Output adjustable from 1.2 V to 37 V for LM317A and –1.2 V to –37 V for LM337-N
  • 1-A load current with 1.5-A option
  • Heat sink space provided for TO-220
  • Large capacitor footprint space for customer selection

Description for the LM317A-337N-EVM

The LM317A-337N-EVM demonstrates canonical application of the LM317A adjustable regulator and its negative complement, the LM337-N. The evaluation module (EVM) is assesmbled with the SOT-223 package option for each device, supplying up to 1 A of load current. The EVM is designed for easy modification to populate the TO-220 version of the devices for 1.5-A operation. The EVM has enough footprint space for personal capacitor selection, along with 4 copper layers and heat sink space for excellent power dissipation.