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LM3281EVM 1.2A, 3.3V Miniature Step Down DC-DC Converter with Analog Bypass



  • Small solution size
  • Superior transient response
  • Very low dropout analog bypass mode
  • Low quiescent current

Texas Instruments  LM3281EVM

LM3281EVM facilitates the evaluation of the LM3281 1.2A, 3.3V miniature step down DC-DC converter IC.  It is a high efficiency low noise buck converter optimized for powering noise-sensitive wireless connectivity chipsets and RF front end modules (FEM).  The unique analog bypass feature maintains regulation for longest input voltage range until the full bypass occurs due to input voltage falling below regulation target.  Bypass mode also provides a very low drop out of 60mv typ. at 600mA.  Very low quiescent current makes the LM3281 ideal for “always-on” applications, and its small solution size is very attractive for space constrained mobile applications. Standard banana jacks are provided on the EVM board for ease of evaluation.