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LM3401 Hysteretic PFET Controller for High Power LED Drive Evaluation Module


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  • Hysteretic Control for Speed and Simplicity
  • Input Operating Range of 4.5V-35V
  • 1.5MHz maximum switching frequency
  • Low 200mV reference voltage
  • Programmable current limit
  • High speed CMOS compatible enable/dimming
  • Adjustable hysteresis
  • Input UVLO
  • No output capacitor required
  • MSOP-8 package


  • LED Driver
  • Battery Charger


Texas Instruments  LM3401EVAL/NOPB

The LM3401 is a switching buck regulator derived current source designed to drive a series string of high power, high brightness LEDs. The LM3401 controls an external P-FET, allowing the user to select a power device for the desired level of forward LED current. The LM3401 demo board can supply continuous current as high as 1.0A from an input voltage range of 4.5V to 35V. It is designed to operate at ambient temperatures up to 75°C.