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LM3406 - 1.5A High Voltage, Constant Current Buck Regulator for Driving High Current LEDs EVM

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Features for the LM3406HVEVAL

Description for the LM3406HVEVAL

The LM3406HV is a buck regulator controlled current source designed to drive a series string of high power, high brightness LEDs (HBLEDs) at forward currents of up to 1.5A. The converter`s output voltage adjusts as needed to maintain a constant current through the LED array.

The LM3406HV circuit and BOM that come pre-installed on the evaluation board are optimized to run from an input voltage of 24V, but the circuit can operate from a wide input voltage range of 6.0V to 75V. The current output ranges from 0.35A to 1.5A. shows the program jumper settings used to program currents of 0.35A, 0.7A, 1A, and 1.5A.