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Automotive N-channel constant current LED controller with series DIM FET driver and fault flag

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Packaging information

Package | Pins HTSSOP (PWP) | 20
Operating temperature range (℃) S (-40 to 150)
Package qty | Carrier: 73 | TUBE
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Quality information

RoHS Yes
Lead finish / Ball material SN
MSL rating / Peak reflow Level-1-260C-UNLIM
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  • AEC Qualified for Automotive Applications
    • Device Temperature Grade 1: −40°C ≤TA ≤ 125°C (LM3421-Q1 and LM3423-Q1)
    • Device Temperature Grade 0: −40°C ≤TA ≤ 150°C (LM3421-Q0 andLM3423-Q0)
  • VIN Range From 4.5 V to 75 V
  • High-Side Adjustable Current Sense
  • 2-Ω, 1-A Peak MOSFET Gate Driver
  • Input Undervoltage and Output Overvoltage Protection
  • PWM and Analog Dimming
  • Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit
  • Programmable Switching Frequency
  • Zero Current Shutdown and Thermal Shutdown
  • LED Output Status Flag (LM3423-Q1 and LM3423-Q0 Only)
  • Fault Status Flag and Timer(LM3423-Q1 and LM3423-Q0 Only)

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The LM3421-Q1 and LM3423-Q1 family of devices areversatile high voltage N-channel MOSFET controllers for LED drivers. They can be easily configuredin buck, boost, buck-boost and SEPIC topologies. This flexibility, along with an input voltagerating of 75 V, makes the these controllers ideal for illuminating LEDs in a large family ofapplications.

Adjustable high-side current sense voltage allows for tight regulation of the LED currentwith the highest efficiency possible. The LM3421-Q1 andLM3423-Q1 devices use predictive off-time (PRO) control, which is a combinationof peak current-mode control and a predictive off-timer. This method of control eases the design ofloop compensation while providing inherent input voltage feed-forward compensation.

The LM3421-Q1 and LM3423-Q1 devices include ahigh-voltage start-up regulator that operates over a wide input range of 4.5 V to 75 V. Theinternal PWM controller is designed for adjustable switching frequencies of up to 2 MHz, thusenabling compact solutions.

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