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LM3447 Flyback Controller for LED Lighting Evaluation Module Board



  • Primary-Side Control
  • Leading and Trailing Edge Compatible
  • 50:1 Dimming Range
  • Valley Switching
  • Fixed Frequency Discontinuous Operation
  • Thermal Foldback
  • PFC
  • Efficient Triac Hold Current Operation
  • LED Short and Open Circuit Detection
  • Thermal Foldback
  • Constant Power Operation

Texas Instruments  LM3447-A19-120VEVM

The Texas Instruments LM3447-A19-120VEVM evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the performance of the LM3447 PFC Flyback Controller for LED Lighting. The EVM is a primary-side power regulated PFC controller used for commercial and residential phase-cut dimmer compatible LED lamp drivers. It uses fixed frequency valley switching operation, resulting in discontinuous current operation.