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LM3463EVM Evaluation Module



  • Input Voltage Range: 12V to 95V
  • LED Turn On Voltage: 48V Nominal forward
  • Voltage of LED String: 42V
  • Output Current per Channel: 200 mA
  • System Clock Frequency: 246 kHz
  • DHC Cut-Off Frequency: 0.1Hz
  • Mode of dimming control: Direct PWM Mode

Texas Instruments  LM3463EVM

The LM3463 is a 6-channel linear LED driver with Dynamic Headroom Control (DHC) designed to drive six strings of high brightness LEDs at maximum supply voltage up to 95V. Each output channel of the LM3463 evaluation board is designed to deliver 200 mA of LED driving current. The LED turn on voltage is set to 48V by default, thus the board is able to deliver up to 57.6W total output power. The six output channels are divided into 4 individual groups to facilitate average LED current control by means of PWM dimming. The PWM dimming control interface of the LM3463 can accept standard TTL level PWM signals, analog voltage or serial data to control the dimming duty of the four LED groups individually. The analog dimming control interface accepts an analog control voltage in the range from 0V to 2.5V to adjust the reference voltage of the linear current regulators, which enables true LED current adjustment. This evaluation board is designed to be connected to an external primary power supply. Using three connection wires, the VIN, GND and VFB, the dynamic Headroom Control (DHC) circuit of the LM3463 adjusts the output voltage of the primary power supply to maximize system efficiency.