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4MHz High-Current LED Driver (Synchronous Boost Converter) Evaluation Module Board



  • High Efficiency Synchronous Boost Converter Drives
  • 2 LEDs in series with up to 930mA External Strobe pin for Hardware Enable Flash
  • External Torch pin for Hardware Enable Torch
  • Dedicated Transmit Interrupt pin
  • 9-bit A/D for LED Voltage and Input Voltage
  • Monitoring Fault protection and Reporting
  • 400KHz I2C compatible Interface

Texas Instruments  LM3565EVM

4MHz High-Current LED Driver Evaluation Module Board

The Texas Instruments LM3565EVM evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of the LM3565 4MHz High-Current LED driver. The device offers configurability via I2C-compatible interface. It can be enabled in Flash or Torch mode via the I2C interface or externally using the Strobe and Torch pins. The module can be configured to use two LEDs (D1 & D2) connected in series, mounted on the EVM. Texas Instruments has created an I2C compatible program and USB docking board that can help exercise the part in a simple way. Contained in the User's Guide is a description of how to use the USB docking board and interface software. The LM3565EVM has the means to plug into the USB docking board. The USB docking board provides all the control signals for the simple interface. Power to the part must be provided externally. A USB cable (provided) must be connected to the board from a PC.