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LM36274 Regulated Charge Pump Inverter Evaluation Module



  • Drives up to four parallel white LED strings (29-V max VOUT)
  • Up to 92% backlight and bias efficiency
  • 11-bit exponential/linear dimming control
  • PWM and I2C brightness control
  • Programmable LCD bias voltages (±4 V to ±6.5 V at up to ±80 mA)

Texas Instruments  LM36274EVM

The LM36274EVM aids in evaluation of the LM36274 integrated LED driver and LCD bias supply. The backlight boost provides the power to bias four parallel LED strings with up to 29-V total output voltage and up to 30 mA/string. The 11-bit LED current is programmable via the I2C bus and/or controlled via a logic-level PWM input. Each LED string can be independently enabled/disabled to provide zone dimming capabilities.
The LCD bias boost provides the power to both a positive LDO and an inverting charge pump. Both positive and negative bias supplies have programmable output voltages of ±4 V to ±6.5 V and up to ±80 mA of current capability. An auto-sequencing feature provides a programmed delay from positive to negative bias activation with additional programmable voltage slew-rate control.