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LM3632EVM Single-Chip Backlight + Bias Power + 1.5-A Flash LED Driver



  • Dual, 11-bit (2048 levels), 25-mA max backlight LED strings  
  • User programmable, 50-mA max VPOS & VNEG bias power supplies
  • Single 1.5-A flash LED driver with 16 levels of current level programmability  
  • I2C Control for all functions
  • External Controls (General Enable, PWM for backlight, independent enable pins for bias power, Strobe and Tx pins for flash driver)

Texas Instruments  LM3632EVM

The LM3632EVM aids in evaluation of the LM3632 Single-Chip Backlight + Bias Power + 1.5-A Flash LED Driver.

The LM3632 contains 3 major blocks:

  • A high efficiency backlight driver capable of driving 2 LED strings of up to 8 LEDs per string.
  • A set of positive and negative bias supplies of programmable reference voltage for powering LCD drivers.
  • A 1.5-A constant current LED driver powered by a synchronous boost converter for camera flash applications.

The LM3632EVM and supporting software provides all of the control mechanisms to demonstrate the functionality of all 3 blocks of the LM3632. Control includes I2C interface as well as external control via access to all LM3632 pins.