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Synchronous Boost Dual LED Flash Driver Evaluation Module W/ 1.5A High-Side Current Sources



  • Dual independently programmable current sources
  • 128 Brightness Levels per current source (up to 1.5A)
  • I2C Control
  • External Enable, Strobe and Torch/Tx pins for control and synchronization
  • Built-in input voltage monitoring (IVFM)

Texas Instruments  LM3644EVM

The LM3644EVM aids in evaluation of the LM3643 Synchronous Boost Dual LED Flash Driver W/ 1.5A High-Side Current Sources.  The 2/4 MHz synchronous boost provides power to the dual independently controllable high side current sources.  Each current source can provide a current up to 1.5A with 128 programmable levels to choose from.   The LM3644EVM and supporting software provides all of the control mechanisms to demonstrate the functionality of the LM3644 (I2C, External Strobe and External Torch/Tx).